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Step One Testing
Comprehensive Drug Testing Protocols

Step One was established in 2006 with a commitment to excellence. Our primary office is strategically located in Waxahachie, ensuring convenient access for our clients. We pride ourselves on offering round-the-clock mobile services to cater to your company’s needs, guaranteeing swift and efficient assistance whenever required. Even if your operations extend beyond our immediate area, rest assured—we collaborate with accredited collection sites across the nation, facilitating seamless testing processes wherever you are situated.

Our team of collectors holds DOT certification, demonstrating their expertise in conducting urine drug screens and breath alcohol testing with utmost proficiency and adherence to regulatory standards. At Step One, we specialize in a comprehensive range of testing protocols, including Pre-Employment, Random, Post-Accident, and Reasonable Suspicion testing, providing comprehensive solutions tailored to meet your specific requirements and compliance needs. Trust Step One to safeguard your workforce with precision, reliability, and unparalleled dedication to quality service.

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